There are two main places where education has been or continues to be explored under the rubric of 'Society in Transition'. Strictly part of the University of the South Pacific (USP), a student simulation (SPICOL) was conducted for 7 years. A current primary and early secondary school is being run very close to the heart of Suva's CBD.

Student Simulation (SPICOL)

This was a simulation exercise that was held for 7 consecutive years between 1996-2002. The simulation was multi-disciplinarian, multi-tasked, and very holistic. Only two principle members of staff were engaged in the process as facilitators. One of us (Robin Taylor) was involved as a facilitator for 6 of the 7 years. 

We fully see this as a viable method to conduct realistic training. The core members of staff facilitating this exciting venture were not able to persuade USP to take this on board as (i) a viable and long term commitment requiring university resources, or (ii) encourage any other staff members to become involved. Consequently after both staff members had left by 2003, the programme stopped. There was considerable online documentation, but this has been taken off the main USP web site. 

We have archived the activities of these years and reproduce them on this site.

Modern Integrated Primary & Early Secondary School

A modern integrated primary an early secondary school was started in 2008 to offer a viable education that follows the innovations found in modern Waldorf-Steiner Schools and Montessori schools, whilst utilising and the 'Multiple Intelligence Theory' of Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner. More information of this school (the "Multiple Intelligence School'), can be found from this site.

Focus on Enabling Technologies to help Society transition from traditional to modern lifestyles.