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All too often developmental specialists focus on the negative effects of traditional societies transitioning from on older set of values, to a modernised globalised one. Amongst the list we often see the words such as:

  • poverty
  • urban drift
  • substance abuse
  • depression
  • suicide
  • increasing crime rates
  • increasing HIV and STD infection rates
  • increase in teen pregnancies
  • loss of community

Of course these are very relevant to the welfare of the society that displays or shows these indices. As important as these negative indices are and the actions that are required to mitigate against them, there maybe a danger that developmental specialists or national developmental strategies particularly from donor nations, ignore the positives. We rarely see words such as:

  • adaptation
  • resilience
  • greater gender equality
  • happiness & laughter
  • conservation.

Society in Transition, is a concept, an idea, and maybe a movement that tries to address this imbalance, by focussing research on both the negatives AND the positives of societies that are undergoing a change from traditional to modern lifestyles.

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